Bob has worked on energy issues as the State Director of Government Affairs for Sunoco Inc. Among the issues he has experience in are Greenhouse Gas, Clean Power Grid and Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards, as well as State Implementation Plans (SIPs) in Texas and Oklahoma. He possesses a strong background in policy and knowledge of government to successfully advocate on your behalf.


Understanding financials can be confusing, but as a former registered representative for a financial services company and as a former Policy Specialist for Banking, Insurance and Securities, Bob understands the financial services industry and how misguided policies can hurt the industry.



Advocacy focuses on ways to create awareness in support of an issue and lobbying is how you communicate with the Legislature, either by directly contacting a legislator or through grassroots efforts. Our diverse background in both advocacy and lobbying will give your organization the tools needed to successfully solve any issue.



Healthcare today involves a complicated network of state and federal policy, ranging from Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement policies to product approvals and sales. Bob has worked on issues from long term care to hospital reimbursement to the CHIP program. This extensive background can help you find the answers in this very complicated industry. 


Working with associations can be very demanding and challenging. We have the expertise to work with associations -- both professional and nonprofit -- because of our past experiences. Our experience is derived from the inside, having worked with professional associations and nonprofit organizations. Our expertise will help your association move to the next level. 

“I have worked with Bob on different levels for over two decades, including the Administration of Governor Tom Ridge. If you are looking for someone who understands the legislative process and the discipline of public affairs, then you need to consider Keaton Associates LLC.”